Wednesday, March 2, 2011

White Hillbilly Wine

After the original hillbilly wine, I decided that the natural order of things would require that I make a white version of my hooch (I really don't care for that word). I came up with a similar one-gallon recipe, and gave it a whirl. I'll admit, I'm more inclined to make the red again. Having said that, I made 10 bottles of this stuff originally, and have sampled two as they're aging. The first one, about a month after bottling, was a little bit harsh, and the second bottle was much more palatable. I think it's safe to say that given time to age, this wine will soften, and develop a slightly more complex flavor. I wouldn't put up the recipe if I didn't think so (not that I have any problem with sharing my disasters!).

White Hillbilly Wine
24 oz. white grape juice, frozen, concentrated
2.5 cups sugar
water to one gallon
wine yeast

Add concentrate to sanitized one-gallon vessel. Add in the sugar and yeast. Bring to one gallon with water (make sure there's some headroom, this recipe is a lot like the red Hooch and tends to foam up a little on the first day). Shake it up, put on an airlock and let the fun begin!

12 to 16 days later fermentation should stop. You can now rack the wine into a new vessel. Fit with airlock. After one month you can bottle! (one month is conservative)

Tips: Let your concentrate reach room temperature, or even warm it up in the microwave a little before beginning. The yeast won't begin to ferment at cold temperatures. Beware though: if the mixture is over 110 degrees (43 degrees Celsius) the yeast will die. Keep them happy!

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